Based on 45 years of oil spill technology experience and knowhow we will fight the plastics in the world’s oceans.

NOSCA was established in 1993 to satisfy a common need within the oil & gas industry. The oil companies and public institutions joined forces and resources in order to improve the overall knowledge and technology base of oil spill prevention and response. Now we want to use our knowledge and competence on an even bigger problem, marine pollution and plastics in the oceans. NOSCA are now, in collaboration with Innovation Norway, starting up a cluster-program called “Clean Oceans”. The purpose with this initiative is to use over 45 years of oil spill knowledge in the war against plastic in the oceans. When it comes to oil spill technology we are the leaders within this industry and now we want to lead the technology development against plastic in the oceans. The mission: «Clean Oceans» will strengthen our member’s competitiveness by developing and launching innovative solutions for handling marine pollution and develop our members to become the leading cluster in removing plastics from the world’s oceans. Our Members:

For over 45 years, our members have developed oil spill recovery systems constructed for extreme harsh conditions. Years of “on site” testing has given us a huge experience based knowledge bank that we now want to utilize in the war against plastics in the oceans.

SINTEF and NORCE, the two largest Norwegian governmental research organizations, are also members of NOSCA and are conducting large research programs on plastic and micro plastic and what it does to the environment. Research, experience and knowledge are the best combinations to develop new groundbreaking technology. We have worked together since 1993 with marketing of the Norwegian “oil spill model” and Norwegian oil spill equipment all over the world, with great success. Now we want to do the same with solutions that can help clean up the oceans of plastics. Our future goal: We have a goal to create “a scalable value chain” utilizing the energy that are stored in the plastic floating around inn our oceans. We have the ability to develop the technology to collect the plastic in a large quantity from the oceans, but we need to team up with a large industrial partner to help us turn the plastic into energy, and into a payable resource. Then we have started a moving value chain, that can be copied all over the world.