Dear NOSCA-friend,

After opening for registration for this year`s NOSCA seminar, we have received lots of feedback from you all. These messages reflect the current challenges in the market situation, strained economic situation and hence travel restrictions.
However, the feedback we have received continues to be positive, pointing out the interest and hoping to be able to join us again next year.

Unfortunately, the number of registrations this year were not sufficient to conduct the seminar, and we regret to have to cancel the seminar. We are convinced that a big part of the seminar value lies in networking and discussing with others sharing the interest in oil spill preparedness. You are all expecting a certain size of the event, and we see that this will not be possible for this year’s seminar.

This decision was of course not easy for us to make. However, we are more optimistic regarding next year and have already some exciting ideas. We hope to be able to link the seminar to the NOFO Oil-on-Water exercise, which is held in June 2018. This will give opportunity to observe the offshore exercise on site, and with use of all the NOFO resources involved.

On behalf of all NOSCA members, we hope for easier times in our business in the year to come.

Hope to see you again next year!

Yours sincerely,

Mikael Rydberg
NOSCA Chairman

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